Enterprise Development

Enterprise Development (Incubation)

At KhaNgwe Intelligent Technology Solutions (KNITS) we are committed to assisting the government in the fight against poverty, hence we have been contributing by creating employment to underprivileged individuals and through our Social Responsibility Initiatives. However, we’ve realised we could do more by also participating in Enterprise Development Programme (Incubation Programme).

Our objective is to commit to maximising opportunities available to develop local businesses within our area of operation and where we will be executing projects, in order to:

  • Eradicate Poverty
  • Boost Economic Growth
  • Create More Employment
  • Promote Local Businesses
  • Encourage individuals who desire to be entrepreneurs
  • Assist starting up companies with necessary setup

Our primary incubation focus is on black-owned businesses, youth-owned businesses, female-owned businesses as well as business owned by disabled individuals through mentorship and creating a platform that enables entrepreneurs to receive the necessary support to establish and maintain a successful kick-start and growth of their businesses.

We provide our expertise, training, access to investors and in some cases working capital in the form of a loan. We also offer office space, assistance with business documentation, registration with affiliation and statutory bodies, business compliance, business and financial administration, networking opportunities, putting together a business proposal and any support necessary for a smooth business take off.

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